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Language VDF

Author:A Paul Anthony
Score: (3.00 in 25 votes)
Procedure mPrintBeer
    Integer iMax iCount iBottles
    String sCRLF sVerse

    Move 100 to iMax
    Move (character(13) + character(10)) to sCRLF

    For iCount from 0 to iMax
        Move (iMax - iCount) to iBottles

        Move (String(iBottles) * "Bottles of beer on the wall,";
            * String(iBottles) * "bottles of beer." + sCRLF ;
            + "Take one down and pass it around,";
            * if((iBottles = 1), "no", String(iBottles - 1));
            * "bottle of beer on the wall." + sCRLF ) to sVerse

        ShowLn sVerse

    Move ("No more bottle of beer on the wall.";
       * "No more bottles of beer..." + sCRLF;
       + "Go to the store and buy some more...";
       * "99 bottles of beer.") to sVerse

    ShowLn sVerse

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>>  A Paul Anthony said on 07/01/05 15:53:45

A Paul Anthony This was written far too late last night and without the aid of eny environent to check syntax etc.

I'm now kicking myself with regards to starting the count at 100, not 99. The last verse should probably also use iMax as the suggested beer to buy quantity.

Oh, and the "1 bottles of beers" classic...

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