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Language SALT

Author:Mike Gogulski
Score: (1.23 in 26 votes)
// SALT version of 99 Bottles of beer
// By Mike Gogulski <> 21 March 2005
// SALT is the scripting language of Telix, a terminal program for MS-DOS
// Tested with:
//   Telix v3.51 (
//   under Windows 2000 (
// Save as 99bottlz.slt in your Telix directory, compile with Ctrl-F9,
// start with Alt-G
main() {
 int c = 99;
 while (c > 0) {
  prints(" bottle(s) of beer on the wall,");
  prints(" bottle(s) of beer!");
  prints("Take one down, pass it around,");
  c = c - 1;
  prints(" bottle(s) of beer on the wall!");

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>>  Steve said on 09/28/06 02:03:27

Steve I just knew SALT would not be represented here, then found it. Telix will always be the best terminal software ever written for DOS, complete with its own programming language.

>>  Paul said on 09/29/06 13:54:40

Paul Yeah, it's just too bad you didn't take the time to get the plurals right.

>>  Gordon E. Peterson II said on 08/14/07 20:04:47

Gordon E. Peterson II Yeah, and more to the point, he didn't get the "no nore" or the entire last verse right either, according to the site's "official lyrics". This particular exercise is where the devil is in all the little details.

FWIW, I actually rather liked SALT too, so am disappointed that it wasn't represented by a more correct entry.

>>  barrym said on 05/14/10 05:10:48

barrym Unfortunately, incomplete or incorrect programs are infesting
this website, and you are looking at an example from the second
worst offender (Winterberg being the worst). My negative
comments were met with a glib response from Mike, who clearly
knows much more about programming than I do, but much less
about programming to a clearly published specification. The
website masters are letting it through, so it's up to you guys
to submit a more correct entry. I'll give you a good vote, for
whatever it's worth. :-)

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