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Language Python

(functional, w/o variables or procedures)

Author:Ivan Tkatchev
Score: (2.79 in 215 votes)
## Functional Python:
## Fully-features '99 bottles' with proper English grammar and English numerals.
## Written without procedures or side-effects; no assignment was used except
## that which is inherent in generator expressions and lambda calls.
## Nicely fits on one (long) line. :)

print ''.join('%(pre)s%(num)s %(bot)s on the wall, %(nul)s %(bot)s,\n%(tak)s\n' % (lambda c,b:
{'pre':['','%s %s on the wall.\n\n' % (c,b)][abs(cmp(c,'Ninety-nine'))],
 'num':c, 'nul':c.lower(), 'bot':b,
 'tak':['Go to the store and buy some more... Ninety-nine %s.' % b,'Take one down, pass it
})((lambda x,o: [(['Twenty','Thirty','Forty','Fifty',
'Sixty','Seventy','Eighty','Ninety'][x/10-2]+'-'+o.lower()).replace('-no more',''),
o][int(x<20)])(x, ['No more','One','Two',
'Fifteen','Sixteen','Seventeen','Eighteen','Nineteen'][[x,x%10][int(x>=20)]]),'bottle%s of beer' %
for x in xrange(99,-1,-1))

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>>  Dr Wood said on 10/18/05 10:58:07

Dr Wood In order to get this to work on Python 2.3.5 I had to put a '[' after the first '(' and a ']' before the last ')'. It works either way with Python 2.4.1.

>>  Steven Bluen said on 03/27/10 08:30:53

Steven Bluen How do you figure out how to write this code?

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