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Language OPS Script

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@@ OPS (Operations Procedure Support) is an Ericsson product that fits in to 
@@ our Operations Support Systems (OSS) that are sold worldwide to manage 
@@ various Telecom Networks.
@@ OPS is used to create and execute task-oriented scripts toward Network 
@@ Elements, or Switches. The Operations Procedure Support is an editor, 
@@ debugger, and execution environment for command files using the OPS 
@@ Script language. 
@@ It originated from Telstra, Australia with a language called the PC-Ozterm 
@@ command file language. To a large extent, the OPS script language and 
@@ the PC-Ozterm command file language are compatible.

@SET noun = "bottles"
@SET string0 = "of beer"
@SET string1= "{string0} on the wall"
@SET string2 = "Take one down, pass it around,"

@FOR bottles = 1 TO 98
  @COMMENT( 100 - {bottles}, " {noun} {string1},")
  @COMMENT( 100 - {bottles}, " {noun} {string0}.")
  @IF bottles = 98 THEN SET noun = "bottle"
  @COMMENT( 99 - {bottles}, " {noun} {string1}.")
@NEXT bottles

@COMMENT("1 {noun} {string1},")
@COMMENT("1 {noun} {string0}.")
@COMMENT("No more bottles {string1}.")

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>>  Jeff said on 09/08/05 00:21:34

Jeff Ozterm is actually not a bad little language. It has many elements of BASIC, but with some interesting variations eg variables in variable names.

Ozterm goes hand-in-hand with another program called CAM (Customer Access Menu). CAM is a DOS based "graphical" interface that lets the user make selections and enter details, then it assembles Ozterm script fragments into a single script, and then hands over control to Ozterm which executes it. When the script is finished, the results are returned from Ozterm to CAM. It's really clunky but it can do some extremely complex tasks.

>>  harmony said on 11/12/08 19:16:32

harmony I looking for people who use OPS (MNOSS) for NE .
Please mail me .

>>  mathias said on 12/03/08 13:19:17

mathias Hi harmony, I would be happy to try to help you out, but I could not read your mail address... You can reach me on mathias.ohlson (at)

Mathias (original author of the OPS-script above...)

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