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Language OpenScript

(ToolBook OpenScript)

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to handle mDMG_DisableTDP
	sysLockScreen = true

	if T_selected of self > 0
		send T_unselectTDP
	end if

	T_mode of self = false
	Visible of Group "TargetPolygon" of self = true
	CenterPosition of Group "Cursor" of self = \
		CenterPosition of Group "TDP1" of Group "TargetPolygon" of self
	step i from 1 to 4
		Visible of Group ("TDP" & i) of Group "T" of self = false
		Visible of Line ("L" & i) of Group "T" of self = false
		Visible of Line ("S" & i) of Group "T" of self = false
	end step
	visible of ellipse "HoldInsert" of group "cursor" = false

	sysLockScreen = false
end mDMG_DisableTDP

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>>  Rune Berge said on 08/24/05 14:24:17

Rune Berge I don't know this language, but I have a really hard time believing that this program will output the lyrics to the song. Is this perhaps a case of pasting the wrong text into the submission form without noticing?

>>  Olly said on 07/25/06 13:01:04

Olly Aye, having worked a bit with Toolbook and OpenScript in the past, I can tell you right now that it's not going to output 99bob :)

>>  Paul said on 11/27/09 21:33:38

Paul Yes, it looks like k-zed just posted a random chunk of code. I used to be an OpenScript programmer extraordinnaire (an ironic phrase considering it was not a good language). It's been about 10 years, but it would go something like this:

--Assume we are starting with a blank book
draw field "output" from 0,0 to 640,480 on page id 0
step i from 99 to 1 by -1
result = i + " bottles of beer on the wall"
result = result + ", " + result + "."
result = result + CRLF
result = "Take one down, pass it around, " + i-1 + " bottle of beer on the wall." + CRLF + CRLF
put result after text of field "output"

Not claiming this is a particularly interesting program, or even that it is syntactically correct or meets the expected results, just wanted to throw something out there that would give a bit better example of how Toolbook would approach this. In reality OpenScript is a dead language and not worth putting much more effort into than this.

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