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Language Objectstar

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>>  Paraag Suchak said on 04/25/06 03:58:11

Paraag Suchak Great to see my old RULE editor and a real rules program in action!

This program will work beautifully :-) leaving behind some true "happy" huronites!


>>  Maarten said on 07/16/07 10:37:49

Maarten ObjectsStar Rules!

>>  Cornelius J. van Dyk said on 11/21/07 13:11:29

Cornelius J. van Dyk WOW! I can actually still read ObjectStar rules code!
It's been 3 years since I last did that, but it's all coming back to me now...
Wait, that's a song isn't it? ;)


>>  David Crichton said on 12/01/07 06:52:24

David Crichton Despite a somewhat chequered history, having passed from Amdahl through Fujitsu and ObjectStar International to the current owners, Tibco, ObjectStar is stil in use in a number of large companies. With the move to commercial apps running on Windows, UNIX or IBM mainframes, ObjectStar is still the only commercially robust language which allows code to be written to run unchanged on all three platforms. The absence of a compiler (code-and-go stored object code) gives it an edge in RAD situations which is also unmatched.

>>  Anon said on 09/04/08 01:37:44

Anon The program is incomplete and doesn't show the last lines of the songs. However there's no denying ObjectStar is a great and enjoyable programming language.

>>  Gnanam said on 09/16/09 17:44:17

Gnanam Can anyone please send me objectstar tutorial documents.It will be of great help.I am unable to find it.
My email id is

Or please let me know if there are any online links.

>>  RaghunadhaReddy said on 03/18/10 06:03:00

RaghunadhaReddy This program will work perfectly......... Goooooooood to see the Objectstar Rules..

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