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Language MUSH

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Stuff to program multi-user games on the net.

A bunch of drunk engineers(#54326) Owner: eric.korpela Key: 
eric.korpela(#54351PeoZ)  Money: 2 You see a bunch of engineers 
from a south bay firm who look like they've had a bit too much 
to drink. They are random walking all over town, stopping where 
ever they can find approprate beverages. I bet they'd sing 
"99 bottles of beer" if you asked them to.

Listen: *sing*99*

Ahear: use me;
       @wait 3={
          @while gt(V(vi),1)={
            @if eq(V(vj),V(vi))=think,{@trigger me/vy;@decrement me/vj}
          @wait DONE=:collapses into an algoholic stupor.

VY: say concat(V(vi),bottles of beer on the wall!); 
    say concat(V(vi),bottles of beer.); 
    say You take one down, and pass it around; 
    @decrement me/vi; 
    say concat(V(vi),bottles of beer on the wall.);

Ause: @vi me=99;@vj me=100

Ouse: takes a deep breath and begins to sing.

Scent: They smell of 43 different types of liquor.

Functions: #69

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>>  Eric Korpela said on 01/13/06 03:28:02

Eric Korpela
I'm the author of this one. (Hence my name in the code). There are some formatting problems. The owner, key and money entries should be on separate lines, followed by the description. Probably got munged in the transfer from timtroyr's original site.

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