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Language MoonRock

Author:Philipp Winterberg
Score: (1.33 in 15 votes)
' MoonRock version of 99 Bottles of beer (Bottles.moo)
' See (
' Philipp Winterberg,
$outstream _tty_str_direct
a$ = "\h20\h62\h6F\h74\h74\h6C\h65\h28\h73\h29\h20\h6F_
b% = 99
c$ = "\h20\h6F\h6E\h20\h74\h68\h65\h20\h77\h61\h6C\h6C"
while b% > 0
print b%+a$+c$+"\h2C\n"+b%+a$+"\h2E\n\h54\h61\h6B\h65\_
h20\h6F\h6E\h65 \h64\h6F\h77\h6E\h2C \h70\h61\h73\h73 "
print "\h20\h69\h74 \h61\h72\h6F\h75\h6E\h64\h2C\h20\n"
b% = b% - 1
print " \h50\h48\h49\h4C\h49 \h0D"+b%+a$+c$+"\h2E\n \n"

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>>  barrym said on 03/29/10 07:36:42

barrym More lazy-ass "bottle(s)" code. C'mon Phil, give us a conditional
expression or two. Geez Louise..........

>>  DORISMccormick32 said on 08/12/10 11:20:42

DORISMccormick32 Don't you acknowledge that it is the best time to receive the <a href="">personal loans</a>, which would realize your dreams.

>>  Rugxulo said on 09/11/10 05:34:53

Rugxulo Spam alert! Also barrym seems to whine (consistently!) about PW's code on here a lot (check the other versions).

>>  barrym said on 09/11/10 08:04:09

barrym @Rugxulo: I would like to apologize for my 'whining'. I was in a rare mood one
night and went a little bit overboard with my comments. The sentiments were real,
but I should have just voted 'bad as hell' and moved on. I GREATLY ENJOY this site
and I don't want to start any pissing contests with anyone or hurt my chances of
getting my own entries posted (~9 pending at this time) by being labeled as an
annoying butthole (even though I admit that it's partially true). ;) I'm not a
professional programmer like Winterberg or Gogulski, just a hobbyist with a passion
for the machines of my youth (late 70s to early 80s), and it bugs me to see entries
that show little or no effort ... Dang it, I'm doing it again ... sorry. :)

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