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Language MEDITECH MagicFS

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MEDITECH's MagicFS is a proprietary language, so you'll probably not be able to find much info about
it.  But here you go:

@[@{@(@IF{=0 "No more"}," bottle",IF{~=1 "s"}," of beer on the wall, ",
      @IF{=0 "no more"}," bottle",IF{~=1 "s"}," of beer"),
    @IF{=0 "Go to the store and buy some more, 99 bottles of beer on the wall.";
        @("Take one down and pass it around, ",
          -1@IF{=0 "no more"}," bottle",IF{~=1 "s"}," of beer on the wall")},

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>>  Taint said on 02/20/06 14:33:25

Taint Good job. Too bad Meditech sucks and uses the lamest technology in all the land. I hear they just invented the vacuum tube.

>>  Anus-spreading whore said on 02/20/06 14:36:12

Anus-spreading whore I hear you can catch AIDS from using magic...

"Fight progress. Use Meditech."
"If it was good enough for grandpa, it's good enough for me - Meditech"
"Meditech - A giant leap forward into the 80's"
"Meditech - Yesterday's technology today"

>>  Chode Vomit said on 02/20/06 14:38:50

Chode Vomit I heard that A.N. Papalardo killed Santa and the Easter Bunny and deficated on their remains.

>>  Brian said on 07/02/09 21:11:26

Brian I am looking for some information on MagicFS syntax, and whoever wrote this could probably save me a ton of time. If the user who wrote this would contact me, that would be great. My email is

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