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Language MEDITECH Magic

Score: (3.02 in 187 votes)
This program is written in MEDITECH Magic.  This is NOT the same Magic 
as you have listed but was developed by Medical Information Technology 
in 1980 and is still in use.  

As MEDITECH is not only a large software company but on of the oldest, 
independent software companies in the world (est. 1969), I hope you 
consider this a valid language.  

As you can see, it is an extremely concise language and lots of fun to use.

100^b,T("")^#,DO{b'<1 NN(b,"bottle"_IF{b=1 " ";"s "}_"of beer on the wall")^#,
                          N(b,"bottle"_IF{b=1 " ";"s "}_"of beer!")^#,
                          N("You take one down, pass it around,")^#,b-1^b,
                          N(b,"bottle"_IF{b=1 " ";"s "}_"of beer on the wall!")^#},

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>>  Some Programmer Who Works in a said on 01/26/06 00:26:04

Some Programmer Who Works in a Meditech sucks!

>>  Owein said on 03/09/08 02:19:40

Owein Yes, but what are the MEDICAL applications of this program...?

>>  guess who said on 06/29/08 02:17:30

guess who meditech does suck

>>  guess more comment said on 06/29/08 02:25:12

guess more comment the software applications and the company in general sucks. i use the software on the hospital end and believe me, the application specalists have their heads up thier asses, or too busy playing with AIM chat's and Ipods while they work on complaints.

>>  Ass Backwards said on 08/08/09 02:20:34

Ass Backwards Meditech gets the job done and it's easy to use if you know what you're doing. I left there many years ago, but continue to make money doing side Meditech work because so few people are proficient at the language.

>>  USER OF MEDITECH said on 09/03/09 21:53:57

USER OF MEDITECH Meditech (aka, the worst software on the planet) needs to be replaced at all institutions that use it. Good luck with IT health care reform as long as you use Meditech - it can not happen.

>>  JOhn said on 11/14/09 01:15:22

JOhn I'm a physician and have unfortunately been using different versions of Meditech software in the past 5 years. I truly hate it. I hope this company goes bankrupt soon, and the hospitals move on to something better. Preferrably MAC OS based.

>>  Anon said on 12/01/09 15:41:08

Anon BEERv1.1,

100^b,T("";)^#, //Declare vars b = 100 # = (T NULL)

DO{b'<1 //DO WHILE b is Less than or equal to

NN(b,"bottle"_IF{b=1 " ";"s "}_"of beer on the wall";)^#, //IF b=1 then " " ;ELSE "S "

N(b,"bottle"_IF{b=1 " ";"s "}_"of beer!";)^#, // IF ELSE same as before

N("You take one down, pass it around,";)^#,b-1^b, // IF ELSE goes to # b-1 goes to b

N(b,"bottle"_IF{b=1 " ";"s "}_"of beer on the wall!";)^#}, // IF ELSE same as before


>>  MTUSER said on 01/14/10 03:24:30

MTUSER Guess what all HCA hospitals use Meditech the worst software of the healthcare industry
thats why all cranky nurses are running the IT department lol because it old and dying software..go HCA hospitals if you want to die!!

>>  Bob said on 04/06/10 08:01:57

Bob I'm with John. As an end user of this archaic excuse for technology, I have to say that it is the worst thing possible for productivity and efficiency. It is nothing but headaches and long evenings typing fields that should be intuitive. Who at HCA owns the Meditech stock?

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