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Language KPL (Kid's Programming Language)

Author:Joe Maffei
Score: (2.44 in 9 votes)
// 99 Bottles of Beer in KPL (Kid's Programming Language)

Program BottlesOfBeer

  Method Main()

    Define word As String = " bottles"
    Define B As String = "99"
    Define n As Int = 99
    While n >= 1

      ConsoleWriteLine(n + word + " of beer on the wall, " + n + word + " of beer.")
      n = n - 1
      B = ConvertToString(n)
      If n = 1 Then
        word = " bottle"
      End If
      If n = 0 Then
        B = "no more"
        word = " bottles"
      End If
      ConsoleWriteLine("Take one down and pass it around, " + B + word + " of beer on the wall.")
    End While
    ConsoleWriteLine("No more bottles of beer on the wall, no more bottles of beer.")
    ConsoleWriteLine("Go to the store and buy some more. 99 bottles of beer on the wall.")

  End Method

End Program

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>>  red said on 10/07/07 10:38:45

red Wow, this ridiculously over-complicated syntax is sure to turn kids away from programming for sure.

>>  Joe Maffei said on 07/21/08 07:47:44

Joe Maffei Really? What syntax are you commenting on, the language's or my program's? In either case, I think KPL is a lot like Basic, which has been known to appealed to kids... well, 80's kids anyway.

>>  JR said on 07/29/08 19:50:49

JR Hi... can you send me a copy of KPL soft(win setup)...I know it's out... but I need a copy of the program...if you have it... please ... I apreciate that !!


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