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Language FAME

(Proprietary Database Language)

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-- first, let's set up the text vars
    overwrite on
    beer = " of beer"
    b=" bottle"
    wall =" on the wall"
    c=", "
    d="Take 1 down and pass it around, "
end block

-- next, define the quantity formula with "plurality" and caps where needed
-- (functions are database objects, formulae are "free code" thingys)
-- %plur takes 2 args: x:quantity and y:"start of line" (1=yes)
formula <over on> %plur = &&
    ( &&
        if (x eq 0) then ( &&
            (if (y eq 1) then "N" else "n") &&
            + "o more" &&
        ) else &&
            string(x) &&
    ) &&
    + b + &&
    (if (x eq 1) then "" else "s")

loop for i = 99 to 0 step -1
--  EVAL does "macro substitution" of vars in the formula
    type eval(%plur, x=i, y=1) + beer + wall + c + eval(%plur, x=i, y=0) + beer + p

    if i eq 0
        type "Go to the store and buy some more, " + eval(%plur, x=99, y=0) + beer + wall + p
        type <deci 0> d + eval(%plur, x=i-1, y=0) + beer + wall + p
    end if

    type ""

end loop

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Alternative Versions

implicit looping versiondaveo12/19/060No votes


>>  Ryan Fowler said on 10/09/07 16:40:33

Ryan Fowler It's been quite some time since I've written any FAME 4GL, but I would think you could use implicit looping to make this code much briefer. Plus you'd get the benefit of drinking your beer much more efficiently.

>>  Chris Rowland said on 10/09/07 16:50:14

Chris Rowland 1 line to rule them all
repo <image case row null; case 99 to 1 step -1> IF n GT 1 then STRING(n)+" bottles of beer on the wall" else STRING(n)+" bottle of beer on the wall" as "Beers"

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