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Language Coffee

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// Coffee programming language version 0.98a
// by dingo

var i new int = 99;
while (i > 0) {
  if (i > 1) {
    println(i+" bottles of beer on the wall,");
    println(i+" bottles of beer,");
    println("Take one down, pass it around,");
    println((i--)+" bottles of beer on the wall.");
  } else {
    println("One more bottle of beer on the wall,");
    println("One more bottle of beer,");
    println("Take it down, pass it around,");
    println("No more bottles of beer on the wall.");

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>>  Laura said on 02/26/08 15:10:08

Laura That is the whole program? Wow.. if it works that might be the simplest language I've ever seen.

>>  gneek said on 07/01/08 03:37:29

gneek Where can you get a compiler for this? The link in the source redirects to some other website that apparently has nothing to do with Coffee.

Thanks, gneek.

>>  Luigi said on 11/03/08 13:06:52

Luigi Looks to me like an excerpt from a java programm, except the var-word^^

>>  That Guy said on 01/14/09 02:26:49

That Guy WOW, this is a little shorter than the C or Jave program....

Yeah they need to get a real link to this so people can use it!

>>  Hohoo said on 11/07/09 16:10:17

Hohoo Coffee or C.O.F.F.E.E. is apparently the scripting language of Cinema 4D.

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