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Language click.EXE / instant.EXE

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>>  none said on 06/03/07 14:21:33

none worst language ever seen...

>>  booker said on 01/20/09 03:26:25

booker Thats because you are an idiot. Its not a language; its a graphical interface that lets novices quickly create VB code without having to do alot of syntax. So instead of spending alot of time learning a language's nuances, it allows the user to quickly put their ideas into an application. But thanks for sharing, retard.

>>  Jeramy said on 04/06/09 16:56:20

Jeramy WoW, to the person who first posted on this page! DUDE YOUR ARE TRULY A RETARD THERES NO DOUBT IN MY MIND. I think you need to learn the difference between programming language and graphical user interfaces before you run your mouth. I write programs in all different kinds of program making tools and software, but IX or also known as Instant.EXE is a very neat program making tool.

>>  CBrowne said on 03/25/10 03:52:49

CBrowne @Jeramy,booker:

I suggest the pair of you learn what the term "Graphical User Interface" really means. This code is clearly written in plain text form (presumably in a different encoding to the web server, hence the ^M artefacts). What's more, you cannot program -in- a GUI, you program -a- GUI -for- a program.

What you are probably thinking of is the term "Graphical Programming Language", of which this may well be; but it is written in the textual form of the language. The textual form of the language is probably what the OP was referring to; but since it is a Graphical Programming Language, the text part of it is obviously less important than a text-only language.

You say it parses into VBasic, yet this code doesn't appear to be VB; so what is this, some kind of intermediary (and therefore also disallowed, I believe) language?

Note to language author: the name of the compiler/parser implementation, by convention, is not often used as the name of the language. If this truly is the name for your language, I apologise, but if it is not might I enquire what the actual name is?

>>  Jeramy said on 07/26/10 21:22:31

Jeramy You know what i mean.

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