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Language CASIO fx-4500P


Author:Stelio Passaris
Score: (2.94 in 18 votes)
Version for the CASIO fx-4500P calculator. The lyrics will output to the screen, and are automated
to fit the right rhythm.

 L1   B=99
 L2   Lbl 0
 L3   B:" ":Pause 1
 L4   0:"BOTTLES OF":Pause 1
 L5   "BEER ON THE":Pause 1
 L6   "WALL":Pause 1
 L7   B:" ":Pause 1
 L8   0:"BOTTLES OF":Pause 1
 L9   "BEER":Pause 2
 L10  "TAKE ONE":Pause 1
 L11  "DOWN AND":Pause 1
 L12  "PASS IT":Pause 1
 L13  "AROUND":Pause 1
 L14  B=B-1:" ":Pause 1
 L15  0:B=1=>Goto 1
 L16  "BOTTLES OF":Pause 1
 L17  "BEER ON THE":Pause 1
 L18  "WALL":Pause 1
 L19  Goto 0
 L20  Lbl 1
 L21  "BOTTLE OF":Pause 1
 L22  "BEER ON THE":Pause 1
 L23  "WALL":Pause 1
 L24  1:" ":Pause 1
 L25  0:"BOTTLE OF":Pause 1
 L26  "BEER ON THE":Pause 1
 L27  "WALL":Pause 1
 L28  1:" ":Pause 1
 L29  0:"BOTTLE OF":Pause 1
 L30  "BEER":Pause 2
 L31  "TAKE IT":Pause 1
 L32  "DOWN AND":Pause 1
 L33  "PASS IT":Pause 1
 L34  "AROUND":Pause 1
 L35  "NO MORE":Pause 1
 L36  "BOTTLES OF":Pause 1
 L37  "BEER ON THE":Pause 1
 L38  "WALL":Pause 2
 L39  " "

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Alternative Versions


>>  nguyen van quynh said on 10/15/05 12:47:09

nguyen van quynh I have got any code for my calculartor Casio fx-4500p:
this code will out put the screen : your text run from left to righ:

Lbl1:" H:":pause1:" HE:":pause1:" HEL:":pause1:" HELL:":pause1:" HELLO:":pause1:" HELLO:":pause1:"HELLO:":pause1:"ELLO:":pause1:"LLO:":pause1:"LO:":pause1:"O:":pause1:" :":pause1:Goto1

And this is the time code :


>>  Stelio Passaris said on 04/21/06 11:28:24

Stelio Passaris Note that at the end of line 15 should be a terminator for the IF statement. This is not an easily printable character in this forum, but it looks like a hollow right triangle. Users of the Casio fx-4500p will recognise this character, which is written using [2ndF]+[Square Root].

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