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Language C

(poor Style)

Author:Matteo Casati
Score: (2.85 in 20 votes)
/* The 99 Bottles of Beer Program
 * Sept. 1st 2005
 * by Matteo Casati <devaraja87^gmail^com>
 * This is the poor-style C version of
 * the program. It uses only gotos.

int main()
    int n_beers=99;
    char pl='s';
    goto a;
    return 0;
	printf("%d bottle%c of beer on the wall!\n",n_beers,pl);
	goto a;
	printf("no more bottles of beer on the wall!\n");
	printf("No more bottles of beer on the wall,"
	       " no more bottles of beer.\nGo to the store"
	       " and buy some more, 99 bottles of beer on the wall!\n");
	goto z;
    printf("%d bottle%c of beer on the wall, "
	   "%d bottle%c of beer\n",n_beers,pl,n_beers,pl);
    printf("Take one down and pass it around, ");
    goto b;

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>>  Skylark said on 09/05/05 14:01:58

Skylark You have to #include <stdio.h> for that to work, ie printf lolz.


#include <stdio.h>

int main()

>>  Richard Selby said on 08/25/06 17:01:29

Richard Selby Ah lovely! It's so nice to see someone break the rules

>>  Kiyoshi Akima said on 08/28/06 20:04:23

Kiyoshi Akima In the olde days you didn't need to #include a header unless you needed something from it. Since the program doesn't use the return value from printf(), it doesn't need <stdio.h>.

However, the program does use string concatenation. Perhaps poorer style might be something like
printf("No more bottles of beer on the wall,\
no more bottles of beer.\nGo to the store\
and buy some more, 99 bottles of beer on the wall!\n";);

>>  Kiyoshi Akima said on 08/28/06 20:06:28

Kiyoshi Akima Not sure where that smiley came from. It was just a close parenthesis.

And I guess I now know not to put in formatting tags...

>>  G. De Rosa said on 09/10/06 19:26:56

G. De Rosa void main() would be even poorer than int main() :-)

>>  aName said on 11/29/08 03:28:22

aName "Ahh, but int main(), and not returning anything tops both ;)"

No. If control "falls off" the end of main() without an explicit return statement, the return value is zero.

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