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Language Bzip2

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>>  Paul Koning said on 04/12/06 23:33:11

Paul Koning I don't get it. bzip2 isn't a programming language, it's a data compression system.

>>  E Johns said on 08/07/06 01:42:59

E Johns How is this even possible???

>>  c said on 08/22/06 23:47:26

c oh, now I see.

>>  Nachtwaechter said on 04/21/07 05:07:50

Nachtwaechter That's a real hacker's stuff: bzip2 as a programming language, outputting on decompression. Ideal for people who does the compression by hand and type it in emacs hexl-mode.

But some features of a real programming language are still missing. There is no control structure and variables are missing. Does someone out there developping a bzip3 programming language?

>>  Chris said on 06/01/09 23:00:13

Chris Even though bzip2 is a decompressor, it's serving the same function as any other interpreter for the 99 bottles song. The difference is just semantics.

We have an input string (our program) and a filter (an interpreter or, here, bzip2) that produces an output string (the song), which is probably longer than the input string. That's really just decompression.

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