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Language Beatnik

Author:Paul Dale
Score: (3.01 in 134 votes)
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informations about Beatnik.
99 Bottles of Beer in Beatnik from Paul Dale.

orb hunter outboards almehs iceleaf feeding cappers frase stint
benzophenoxazine genius censual bet a scarpings a segue hoddin saccules
arere benzoxyphenanthrene tipit pasteur aitus incrystallizable repolon
unona a cordovan tien urent a learnership reacclimatized loris backfurrow
bloodlust pulau misbuilt garad ume a stof releasable slog a stanine
unvail seron a yuppies siri snars a waitingly immortalizer columnal
tours mesmerises tulip alcoate ecritoires tip hatchety asper grossularia
lapsed dottled runts a outfrown loro inust a undersweep refurbishment
harmans roral alamosite toilets prerent sleekier notus eale bolti
torturers irone theologicometaphysical pereion sosia a furcated po lood
a contrabands hematomyelitis reffos slad cloyingly didus alnilam titre
interzygapophysial septole lung fibrohemorrhagic tucum slid a purlieuman
gau unais a bridemaids jacketed tawdrier nong pneumatist durant danseuse
ringsiders selle nab smog ceratin tsars deflexionize arillode paddled daut
a burin rimpi torrs a dumpiness outs sutra a confirmee monarchomachist
tenesmic gout leis tealess scaturient leggier korun ungroaning netes
grewhound berun averin sued zubeneschamali monists alias a auspicates ions
ah a dewberries hypophrenosis glaciaria rales lockouts lingua unmitre
antinormal saris sufflue reallot flurrs tup microspectroscopic barrier
gaus a begunks red spa a smirkly expediently outslink rerun birthplace
desine palsies awayes lum egress snurp bialate wiretap tirrs ids ananias
wallet agas a habaneras rag suine a gossipping eulamellibranchia hu
overspecialized oceanet ponderate serio epiloguize scian rarish unfilled
unilinear estre a blowth tine intil a unimmerged typonymic anour epineural
monal wellanear toruloid scillas tonna deanthropomorphization linolic
sists lick avises riant a pentameran ago sorts a volubleness propagability
returfer pandrop wergild wealsmen andy nam zygomaticomaxillary reedes
riband annal a warlike a tored elatedness foetation pot benzophenoxazine
arrouse ahem stilt a ungrapple lote duro a greasebush pyramidoprismatic
turus unformularizable vogul lilos umbraculiferous herblet tensile
vilely syes arras a gaup glissandos loge a boris partite coregnant
eater plantarium crois bistres ame a braking tela arist a unsparingness
tranquillizing plunks egol verbenaceous brere underslip outgoers moarian
skittler roost sleeping lemes fling isotropies gear real boron petum dues
a guayacan lull tegs a dandlingly mycorhiza guao quinquevalency edicts
sprayer urian deconcentrate eaglet dicier gere phenolsulphonephthalein
foder oriel buzzwigs orcines nassellarian gona drawstop entasia dueling
tutor a impeding unto rim a warrantable saccharostarchy glossily aden
sade aldols redoom nintu pythagoreanize felter cornetists sault a piste
bolster arnee a puncher em aurei a misworded zenocentric lurches isles
rens ahir wheres pudors drek romescot taler congealedness sapan uncolts
urge hypsibrachycephalic mislies leare a autotheater sero lasso a cypraeid
projiciently lairs blamer cubes goel misgovernment occlude brule wainman
conal edible nevadite sward erose a lubricious gan pus a amidoacetal
solemnizing inurements orias beek sauger dipole distringas urial sail
usnic tenonitis gate mizzenmast holour begetters edea alternationist
inlaid tasseled structural roter selenigenous lullian brattie onset
a wombats tins arest a shovelnose hyperparasitize encomion trots noll
auronal attenuant lido characterization simurg emplead geit rus toader
serpens trioecious coo dispark disert abram doto a homaroid arar nills
a misinterpret bolshevistically kedger tilia baluchithere veg alumnae
diablerie lions nimbly carts unstrand seral benzdioxtriazine venge
tolan nonoxidizable daks udos a countersign lene iglu a bacteroidal
housewifeship remolades doer porogamous means bargee unhalted osmanli
bodily slete babblement tannins streetful bestud scoriae relie a zolle
tort ureas a manically superpublicity loure pharyngoepiglottic rosarians
interleaf olena saices ameen hoolie koibal lutea contrafagotto remit
osteoma dout tranquillized poulter sparely bluster dita a tambourgi
gue rep a uninformed yezzy snipish talio excudit hant regosols
ballistite reata unsampled essenis dumose mamey guns pilgrimatical
cub danders obscener irous eructance stupa medius ace a isoclinics
rast dog a reaedifye confluxibility untin ssu tatted unrotted goas
thymolsulphonephthalein creeses pro landside imarets pia a huntington
toil luds a belching hazily abnormal domiciles caducei sesti isogonal
enrage presume trets a graven rescreens atilt a vindresser tri senna a
sotnik ber a adoringly sall stoat a anodically unexhaustiveness manrider
fleaseed ambients novelism earnests gies benzoxyphenanthrene oilless
lanks atlee a farriery a rogan nutricial accessit dug zygomaticomaxillary
ladler soredial least a interrupters stun deen a contributed whizzle poa
oxyphosphate simians looie psychoneurosis shauling batta oligopnea sutlers
soter a liangs arrowroot lorel a conte lunulites luctations tilts pfenning
nilgau basoga tetra a revivers aria diau a reprehends nonsympathizer
positioner lotes contributive meter nonattention astatines trendies
orifice stod tatouays imid tubage fuligula norie ida corin aerotrain
outer a overstay tina gool a rearrangement hypophyllous pul razzmatazes
sourtop chords ornis oximeters sartain brittle steal zygomaticosphenoid
evade con anorthographically esodic dag a repeatable snot saunt a katydid
masquerading fringier rores vicarious leglen incisal metastasis land
rigs etatist avania uca lymphotoxemia mullers ords a placoidei sets
ador a syncretic hematozoal avocate norna a telic travel telfairia bit
roll ulcer gopak pieing legman fettling ardu coadunative monel rougy fe
pachycephalic pressor neons a ponderated sala aures a adjurers
supersulphurize unirritated sauts propleural balti metaler pyning lento
palliyan elitist sergette lind quadriphyllous kam laura a ulnocarpal
nene sains a mittelhand clockmaker vallums trial squirmer stoep peludo
catatonias tools potes auroral tattling ferriage alula ilia gram lanolines
dari pterygopharyngeal wisent tiros a macruroid snit oisin a peltiferous
brachistochronous fantoms toles dolichopodous gunge tordions cinch acetite
gens mintages rondle recalling roping owing desi hypsibrachycephaly
proteus guts primer sanko tests purgers insetted teaer a maumetries laid
mutagens aulos a hepaticas dephilosophize worseness metatantalic sonnes
tektite radicules unrepentance bionics bedrocks

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>>  Oxeye Daisy said on 09/24/06 18:50:59

Oxeye Daisy What in the world?!

>>  DooMRuneR said on 03/06/07 14:17:33

DooMRuneR Yeah, Scrable

>>  doc honcho said on 07/30/08 03:46:39

doc honcho Has anyone verified this? I can't get it to work.

I tried the C interpreter from Esolang... it puked.
I tried the JavaScript interpreter Esolang... it sort of works, but only goes back and forth between 98 and 99...
It doesn't work in my own interpreter either, which dies at the same place as the C version.

>>  Anon said on 06/01/09 03:49:59

Anon It's also not very poetic. It has several "a <pluralized-noun>" type structures and no punctuation.

It's more word vomit than true beatnik

>>  AlfordHerminia said on 08/29/10 07:08:43

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