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Language BASIC

Author:M. Eric Carr
Score: (3.02 in 167 votes)
 10 REM Basic version of 99 bottles of beer
 20 REM Modified by M. Eric Carr (
 30 REM from prior version found on this site.
 40 REM (Modified to correct "1 bottle" grammar)
 50 FOR X=99 TO 1 STEP -1
 60 PRINT X;"bottle";
 70 IF X<>1 THEN PRINT "s";
 80 PRINT " of beer on the wall,";X;"bottle";
 90 IF X<>1 THEN PRINT "s";
100 PRINT " of beer"
110 PRINT "Take one down and pass it around,"
120 PRINT X-1;"bottle";
130 IF X<>1 THEN PRINT "s";
140 PRINT " of beer on the wall"
150 NEXT

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Alternative Versions

TRS-80 LEVEL 1barrym04/01/102
trs-80 color computerbarrym06/10/100
Atari 8Bitbarrym04/05/102
TI99/4A EXTENDEDbarrym06/26/100


>>  Roland Wright said on 11/02/05 14:01:04

Roland Wright On some versions of BASIC (I used Microsoft BASIC on the TRS-80) the NEXT statement would have to specify the variable that is being incremented; NEXT X

>>  Bart Barber said on 12/22/05 19:53:08

Bart Barber Actually, shouldn't the last decision on whether to pluralize "bottle" (line 130) be checking X-1 instead of X?

>>  Watts Martin said on 01/10/06 08:50:25

Watts Martin Roland: FYI, TRS-80 BASIC didn't need the variable after the NEXT statement unless there were nested loops.

This particular code looks way too much like something I'd have written for this, too. Argh. Flashbacks. :)

>>  Chris said on 07/30/06 21:15:30

Chris Bart Barber: The variable X has already been reduced in the previous line. 130 IF X<>1 THEN PRINT "s";

>>  M. Eric Carr said on 08/13/06 19:06:07

M. Eric Carr Yep -- that is a bug. Line 130 should read:
130 IF X<>1 THEN PRINT "s";

Sorry 'bout that. Good catch.

...and yes, it would be more universal to write

150 NEXT X


>>  petchema said on 11/17/06 11:01:46

petchema Last test should be IF X-1<>1 THEN ..., or IF X<>2 THEN ...
So it doesn't factorize so easily.

Either way, that program doesn't print the reference lyrics.

>>  Doug said on 01/02/07 16:58:22

Doug Need the "No more bottles of beer on the wall, no more bottles of beer,
go to the store, buy some more..."

>>  Medical-Wei said on 03/26/07 11:34:56

Medical-Wei 10 REM This is the much shorter version... The last line doesn't well...
20 FOR X=99 TO 0 STEP -1
30 ProcStr$=X;"bottles of beer"
40 IF X=1 THEN ProcStr$="1 bottle of beer"
50 IF X=0 THEN ProcStr$="No more bottles of beer"
60 IF X<>99 THEN "Take one down and pass it around,";ProcStr$;"on the wall."
70 PRINT ProcStr$;"on the wall,";ProcStr$;"."
90 PRINT "Go to the store and buy some more, 99 bottles of beer on the wall."

>>  E said on 04/20/07 13:42:37

You assclown, this is rubbish im dissapinted in you sonny jim. Please Note:THIS IS FAKE

>>  Cld said on 11/18/07 22:03:44

Cld Medical-Wei:
Some BASIC doesn't support "long" variable and only supporte one char variable...

>>  barrym said on 07/10/10 07:35:56

barrym The decision to use strings in the first place is valid but inefficient.
For proof, see my Level 1 Basic example (Level 1 has VERY primitive string
capabilities, so in that case the decision was made for me!)

>>  barrym said on 07/10/10 07:53:54

barrym Sorry, M. Eric. I just realized that I was directing my comment at your commenters
instead of you. Your version simply should be revised to finish the song properly!
I (and several others) have encountered the frustration of submitting an example
with a typo or an omission, and feeling like I was going to have to see the error
posted in all of its glory forever! The web masters may someday decide to let us
perform our own revisions and view the list of candidates in the submission queue
for peer approval. Someday ... maybe?

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