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Language 99

Author:Keith Thompson
Score: (3.40 in 118 votes)


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Alternative Versions

Easier to read version.Lattyware07/25/080


>>  Keith Thompson said on 07/21/05 12:12:42

Keith Thompson A comment from the author:

There's a slight error in the source code. The program shown here consists of a single empty line, but the original program is an empty file.

Both versions are valid programs, though. See the web site for details.

-- Keith Thompson

>>  a3k said on 07/22/05 12:15:08

a3k if the program consisted of a one line comment, there would be no syntax error.

>>  Keith Thompson said on 07/23/05 02:29:10

Keith Thompson Yes, that's true; the syntax allows for any number of blank lines and/or comments. But the original version of the program that I *wanted* to post was a completely empty file.

It's not a big deal; as I said, the posted version is equally valid. (Perhaps my use of the word "error" in my previous comment was overstated.)

>>  Meat said on 07/24/05 04:41:56

Meat #This is a comment

>>  Nate said on 07/30/05 08:03:22

Nate Wow, this might be the most useful and powerful programming language I've seen yet :)

>>  Keith Thompson said on 02/23/06 07:20:34

Keith Thompson <i>Sorry, but thats corny</i>

Yeah, that's more or less the point.

>>  jeko said on 05/01/06 10:55:38

jeko I think it's not >>corny<<. I agree, it's not very serious, but it's clever, ain't it?

>>  nick said on 06/28/07 07:56:27

nick well that's simply dumb

>>  Keith Thompson said on 09/22/07 04:57:05

Keith Thompson > Where can I download a compiler for that language?

You can download an interpreter from the language web page (see "Info:" above).

I haven't written a compiler for it, but I might consider doing so. What target language would you like? (It would be simplest to use 99 itself as the target language.)

>>  Martin Prange said on 10/26/07 15:03:48

Martin Prange >I haven't written a compiler for it, but I might consider doing so. What target
> language would you like? (It would be simplest to use 99 itself as the target
> language.)

Too easy...
How about a bootstrap 99-0?

>>  Michael said on 10/04/08 19:09:53

Michael I have written a not-quite-compliant 99 compiler in cat. It's noncompliant because it seemed necessary to have the compiler print some important system information at the top of the song.

>>  barrym said on 06/16/10 06:58:40

barrym The info link is no longer valid.
Does anyone have info from a different source?

>>  arcanis said on 08/31/10 12:30:55

arcanis If the author write someday a compiler, I hope it will be able to compile itself !

>>  HughesJohn22 said on 09/20/10 05:25:23

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