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Language 3code

Author:Sean Heber
Score: (3.01 in 249 votes)
F a 0 write[97]
F b 0 write[98]
F d 0 write[100]
F e 0 write[101]
F l 0 write[108]
F n 0 write[110]
F o 0 write[111]
F r 0 write[114]
F s 0 write[115]
F t 0 write[116]
F w 0 write[119]
F _ 0 write[32]
F . 0 write[46]nl[]
F , 0 write[44]_[]
F ne 2 =[i j]then 0 else 1?
F bo 0 _[]b[]o[]t[]t[]l[]e[]
F ob 0 _[]o[]write[102]_[]b[]e[]e[]r[]
F ow 0 _[]o[]n[]_[]t[]write[104]e[]_[]w[]a[]l[]l[]
F td 0 write[84]a[]write[107]e[]_[]o[]n[]e[]_[]d[]o[]w[]n[]
F at 0 _[]a[]n[]d[]_[]write[112]a[]s[]s[]_[]write[105]t[]
F ad 0 _[]a[]r[]o[]write[117]n[]d[],[]
F nm 0 n[]o[]_[]write[109]o[]r[]e[]
F p1 1 print[i]bo[]ne[1 i]then s[]?ob[]ow[],[]print[i]bo[]ne[1 i]then s[]?ob[].[]
F p2 1 i then print[i]else nm[]?bo[]ne[1 i]then s[]?ob[]ow[].[]nl[]
F sing 1 i then p1[i]td[]at[]ad[]p2[-[i 1]]sing[-[i 1]]?

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>>  sig said on 07/24/06 21:34:23

sig I think this is kind of kewl. Kind of.

>>  Dominique Sandoz said on 08/22/08 03:00:48

Dominique Sandoz Funny to read... Even I don't know what's the Use of "3code" (for me it's esoteric), I like it.


>>  DH said on 12/04/09 04:19:30

DH Actually, I use 3code all the time! It's great for generating arrays of strings involving ASCII values.

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