This is written in the PiXCEL programming language available from {Pixcl version of 99 bottles of beer} Initialize: SetColorPalette(GENERATE) WinGetActive(Win$) UseCoordinates(PIXEL) UseBackGround(OPAQUE,192,192,192) DrawBackGround WinLocate(Win$,100,100,520,360,Res) Title$ = "100 Bottles" WinTitle(Win$, Title$) Start: x = 100 Str(x,x$) while x <> 1 DrawText(20,90,"Bottles of beer on the wall, bottles of beer ") Drawtext(192,90,x$) Drawtext(20,120,"Take one down and pass it around,") x = x -1 Str(x,x$) Drawtext(20,150,x$) Drawtext(40,150,"Bottles of beer on the wall") Waitinput(100) Drawtext(387,90," ") endwhile Waitinput() Regards Mike Phillips