This may not qualify for your programming language survey because there are only 2 or 3 pieces of equipment in the world that would run it. The IT (interface tester) was designed in 1986 to test our product's ability to respond to serial control commands. IT's top speed is 38.4 Kbaud (and on a 1 MHz processor, that was considered fast!) IT's a Mot 6809 based thing. Anyway, it has a sort of "shell" that is capable of some rudimentary loops and conditionals. I no longer work at GPS (Graham-Patten Systems ) but IT lives on and is still used today to test our products. So, IT's programming language is over 15 years old. This has to be all on one line. No \n's. do 99 (echo -100 bottles of beer on the wall;de 1;echo -100 bottles of beer;de 1;echo You take one down pass it around;de 1;-99 bottles of beer on the wall);echo All gone!