OBTW Almo's first LOLCODE program done according to LOLCODE v1.2 standard thanks to repl.it for the neat web IDE TLDR HAI VISIBLE "O HAI!" HOW DUZ I SHOWBEERZ YR NUMBEERZ DIFFRINT NUMBEERZ AN 69 O RLY? YA RLY MOD OF NUMBEERZ AN 3, WTF? OMG 0 VISIBLE "Wahl haz " NUMBEERZ " botlez!!" GTFO OMG 1 VISIBLE NUMBEERZ " botlez uv beer on teh wahl!" GTFO OMGWTF VISIBLE NUMBEERZ " botlez uv beer stihl on teh wahl!" OIC NO WAI VISIBLE "Da funy # 69 iz haow many botlez there iz!" OIC GTFO IF U SAY SO I HAS A BEERZVAR ITZ 99 IM IN YR LOOP NERFIN YR BEERZVAR TIL BOTH SAEM BEERZVAR AN 1 VISIBLE "Therez " BEERZVAR " beerz on teh wahl..." VISIBLE "Takez wun daown, passez it around..." SHOWBEERZ DIFF OF BEERZVAR AN 1 IM OUTTA YR LOOP VISIBLE "Jus wun botle uv beer on teh wahl!" VISIBLE "Takez it daown, passez it around..." VISIBLE "No moar botlez of beer on teh wahl!" VISIBLE "Goez to stoar, getz sum moar..." VISIBLE "99 botlez of beer is on teh wahl again, jus liek b4!" VISIBLE "KTHXBYE" KTHXBYE