== "99 bottles of beer on the wall" in Icoruma == Icoruma is a markup language for writing RPG rules == But it can still be used for other programming too == It isn't very suitable for general programming, but it can == This program does not show most of the features: == - Include files (which can even use wildcards) == - Formatting codes (bold, cross-reference, headings, etc) == - Tables == - Custom fields == - Regular expressions == - Table of contents and index generation == - and more... ==Define y =.=Pack =.=Copy =Value z \?\zbottles of beer on the wall\n \?\zbottles of beer\n Take 1 down and pass it around\n =.=Calc @z 1 - !z @z !=Value =.=Verify \?\zbottles of beer on the wall\n =.=Dump \? ==End ==Calc 99 Range !x 99 !z ==Iterate x y No more bottles of beer on the wall. ==Dump \?