"Ninety-nine bottles of beer" by David Short The wall is a room. A bottle is a kind of thing. In the wall are 99 bottles. To say how many: say "[if no bottle is in the wall]no[otherwise][the number of bottles in the wall in words]". To say how many in sentence case: say "[how many]" in sentence case. To sing the song: if a bottle is in the wall begin; say "[How many in sentence case] bottle[s] of beer on the wall, [how many] bottle[s] of beer. "; let the next one be a random bottle in the wall; silently try taking the next one; say "Take one down and pass it round, [how many] bottles of beer on the wall.[paragraph break]"; sing the song; otherwise; say "No more bottles of beer on the wall, no more bottles of beer."; say "Go to the store and buy some more, ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall!"; end the game saying "end of the song"; end if. When play begins: sing the song. Use no scoring.