Welcome to 99 Bottles of Beer

This is a BACKUP of the all famous 99 Bottles of Beer website (originally: http://www.99-bottles-of-beer.net).

It is currently a rouge preservation of this amazing project since we couldnt reach the original maintainers (yet).
We have not made any changes yet (none of the submit and voting forms will work currently), but we will try to get all the pages back to a database and revive the best code comparission there was.


This Website holds a collection of the Song 99 Bottles of Beer programmed in different programming languages. Actually the song is represented in 1500 different programming languages and variations. For more detailed information refer to historic information.

All these little programs generate the lyrics to the song 99 Bottles of Beer as an output. In case you do not know the song, you will find the lyrics to the song here.

For any comment, critic or praise concerning this website drop a message in our guestbook or contact one of the team members.

Have a lot of fun,
Oliver, Gregor and Stefan